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How it Works

What is magic mat?

The main material of our products is Diatomite which is eco-friendly. Diatomite is tiny, single-celled algae found in Plankton in the ocean. The algae accumulate after they have died and after hundreds of millions of years are then fossilized into Diatomite Earth. The main components of our Magic Mats are silicon dioxide. Light and porous.


Benifit of using magic mat

Magic Mat can absorb and release water by itself due to its humidity regulating function. The surface of Magic Mat has innumerable fine holes and the super permeability keeps the surface dry for a long time.

Those aren’t the only unique molecular characteristics that contribute to the excellent function of Magic Mats. They also have a strong water absorption, are antibacterial and deodorising, mildew proof, anti-slip, moisture proof and heat resistant. They prevent fungus and mites from entering and purify the air.

cleaning magic mat

Cleaning the Magic Mat has never been easier, just flush with water or for stubborn stains use any cleaning detergent and let it dry naturally. 

When using the mat long term, you might find that the surface may deposit smudges, just sand the surface down with abrasive paper and your mat will be back and better!

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